Online Violin Lessons

Step by Step-How it Works

Before filling out the Registration Form please take advantage of the Free Sample Lesson.  If the lesson is too advanced.  Please let me know and I will create a Sample Lesson for you.  (We can schedule a free Live Webcam Lesson)

When filling out the Registration form,  you will be asked a few simple questions about your violin experience.  This form is used to determine your first lesson material.

Once we receive your Registration form we will e-mail your Student Login information.

Login to your Student Page.  This is where you will find your lesson material to purchase.

Purchase the material.   You will always have access to that material  in your purchase history.

PRACTICE :0)  If you have any questions anytime …please e-mail your instructor.  They will get back with you as soon as possible.

It is required to upload 1 video of each assignment once a week.  (The day you select on the Registration Form.)

For example:  Your assignment includes a scale, an exercise and a song.  You will upload 3 different videos by clicking on  ”Upload Weeks Lesson” on your Student Page.

This is very important to your learning experience.  Please don’t skip a week of uploading in an attempt at improving your video.   The videos are the only way the instructors can help you progress quickly.  If you are doing something wrong,  the quicker it is corrected the faster you will progress.

Once you have uploaded your videos send your instructor an e-mail and let them know they are available.

Please allow 2 business days for your instructor to review your videos and your  next lesson material to be posted.

Keep in mind…this is not a “buy the book….  learn this page….  turn the page…” learning program.  It is totally based on you,  the student needs.  Your lesson materials are specially designed for your needs.

Your instructor will send you an e-mail letting you know your next lesson has been posted to your students page.  Please take the time to watch the evaluation video. In it your instructor will let you know what you need to be careful of,  practice and the goal of your next lesson.

Each Student Level includes Web Cam Lessons from twice a week to every other week.

The time of your  web cam lesson will be determined between you and your instructor.

If you experience technical difficulties (loss of internet,  computer crash, web cam won’t work, etc…) Please call this number and leave a message for your instructor.  Your lesson will be re-scheduled.

If you need to cancel your web cam lesson please give your instructor 1 weeks notice.    Your lesson will be re-scheduled.

If no notice is given  you will loose that web cam lesson.

Please view our Sample Lesson page to understand more about purchasing lesson materials.

Once you’ve practiced the sample lesson for a week upload a video of you playing the sample lesson and an instructor will send you an evaluation.



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