Correct Violin Sizing

If you are buying a violin for a child it needs to be the correct size. If the instrument is the incorrect size it will be difficult to play and can lead to bad habits.

Measure the arm’s length from the center of the chest to the center of the palm.

  • 23″ and longer needs a 4/4 violin
  • 22″ to 23″ needs a 3/4 violin
  • 20″ to 22″ needs 1/2 violin
  • 18.5 to 20″ needs a 1/4 violin
  • 16.5″ to 18.5″ needs a 1/8 violin
  • 15″ to 16.5″ needs a 1/10 violin
  • 14″ to 15″ needs a 1/16 violin
  • Less than 14″ needs a 1/32 violin

For an adult or older child a 4/4 violin is recommended.

 As the child grows so should the size of their instrument.

 Check the fit. Place your chin on the chin rest and wrap the fingers of your left hand around the scroll. There should be a slight bend to the elbow.

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