The Violin and Bow

 The Violin

The top of the violin body is usually made from spruce of other soft and lightweight wood.

The sides and back of the violin body are made of maple.

The sides are bouts and are divided into three sections: The upper bout or shoulder, the middle C bout and the lower bout.










Near the edge of the top of the violin is an inlay called the purfling. Purfling helps to prevent cracks that begin at the edge of the top from spreading.








At the top of the instrument is the scroll. Beneath the scroll, are the tunning pegs. The paegs, are fitted into the peg box. Violins are built with tension pegs.

They are held in place by friction of the snug fit between the pegs and the peg holes.

Small holes are drilled in the pegs where the ends of the strings are inserted before being wrapped around the pegs.

Scroll The Violin Place

The pegbox and scroll are usually made from maple and the pegs from ebony. Below the pegbox are the nut and the finger board. They are usually made of ebony.







The fingerboard is mounted to the neck of the violin. The neck connects to the body of the instrument at the neck block.




The top of the violin has two F-holes one on each side of the bridge. Inside the violin under the bridge is the soundpost. The soundpost is not glued. it is held in place by the tension of the strings on the bridge. If the bridge collapses, the soundpost may fall.

Soundpost may move slightly as the top of the instrument expands and contracts. The position of the soundpost has a huge effect on the tone and response of the instrument.


Attached to the inside the top of the violin is the bass bar. The bass bar is glued in place.

When the instrument is played the soundpost and bass bar help to

transmit vibrations from the top of the violin through the body of the violin.




The Bridge is made of seasoned maple and is not glued or attached to the violin.

It is held in place by tension of the strings.The strings run over the top of the bridge and connect to the tailpiece.





The tailpiece is connected to the button by a small piece of metal wire called the tailgut.

Fine Tuners can be inserted into the tailpiece so the player can make small pitch adjustments without needing to

turn the tuning pegs. For beginners, it is recommended to place fine tuners on all four strings.

The Chinrest is attached to the violin to assist the violinist in holding the instrument

securely between the shoulder and chin.

The Chinrests come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made of ebony, wood or plastic.

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Mp3 String Accompaniments

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These accompaniments are higher quality and in mp3 formate. Each String Accompaniment includes:

Sheet Music, Mp3s of each solo part, Mp3 of all parts playing together, and an accompaniment Mp3 for each part.

Free Sample

String Accompaniments

The Glow Worm

Come Back to Sorrento

Londonderry Air or Danny Boy

Some Other Titles

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

Santa Lucia

Nearer My God to Thee

Canon In D


Violin Tunner
Stay Tuned In

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